Regulations for Covid 19

Dear Visitors,

Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our facilities and your stay at Avalon Airport Hotel in Thessaloniki to be not only unforgettable but also safe.

Below you will find the hygiene and safety measures framework that we have implemented to protect both our guests and our employees.

To ensure the implementation of the COVID-19 Suspicious Case management plan in our lodgment, in the context of taking measures against the corona virus (COVID-19) and taking into account the special health protocols according to No. 1881 / 29.5.2020 – Government Gazette issue B 2084 / 30.5.202 a person responsible for implementing the COVID-19 Suspected Case management plan has been appointed to:


p: +302310462700   m: +306984611810
a: Airport Makedonia Area, PC 57001, PO Box 60191

  • We have received certification for our tourist accommodation regarding the measures taken to prevent and treat the COVID-19 pandemic by accredited certification bodies.
  • Staff training has been carried out in compliance with health protocols (per service/accommodation department) and there is systematic testing for strict compliance with the instructions.
  • In the context of individual responsibility, the staff is subjected to temperature control on daily basis.
  • Due to public health protection purposes actions, the Management accommodation office keeps a staff member record and for all people visiting the lodgment based on- names, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, phone numbers, e-mail) – so it would be possible to communicate with close contacts in case of a COVID-19 incident, which may be identified afterward.
  • The entrance into the accommodation is forbidden for non-residents and also in Hotels interior areas.
  • The accommodation has special equipment (medical kit) for the case of a suspected incident, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, laser thermometer.
  • We recommend to our visitors at their arrival and departure use the special hand sanitizer that is placed for this purpose in all common areas in fixed or non-fixed devices (e.g. reception, shared WC).
  • The possibility of electronic payment of accommodation expenses, electronic sending of bills, invoices and receipts is provided.
  • We have expanded the check-out and check-in between the stays (check-out until 11.00 a.m. and check-in after 3.00 p.m.). This change in the time interval between each check-in and check out is mandatory to ensure that between different customers the room is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly and that adequate natural ventilation of the space is followed.
  • Systematic daily disinfection is carried out at points of contact and frequent use such as key cards, “high risk” objects (e.g. knobs, elevator buttons) and reception areas and other areas of the accommodation and a cleaning and disinfection program is followed, according to no. D1c/General Register No./off. 19954/20.03.2020 circular of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity “Measures for cleaning and disinfection in spaces and surfaces.
  • Approaching any interior service area (reception, bar, buffet), we recommend our guests to keep a distance of one and a half (1.5) meters from the next person in order of priority, while there is a relative and appropriate marking in the accommodation areas and facilities.
  • It is recommended not to use elevators unless there is an absolute need or there is some mobility problem. In case of using them, we inform about the maximum use of our elevators by two adults, with a recommended use of a face mask.
  • Information signs have been posted with instructions to the residents and special marking at the accommodation areas.
  • According to the hygiene protocols, we have abolished the daily change of clothing and towels, only in case of the customer’s request.
  • Removal of shared objects of multiple-use, such as menus, magazines, etc has been done.
  • Regular inspection of dishwashers and washing machines is performed (in terms of temperature control and dosage of detergents).
  • There is special care for the maintenance of clean clothing in good and clean condition during storage and for their transfer to common use areas (rooms, restaurants, etc.)
  • The placement of the used fabrics, bed linen and towels is done in special, closed, marked bags which are separated by (marking) in areas of unclean and clean linen and finally the required measures are in force during their delivery to the external partner of the accommodation.
  • In case of an incident, the special cleaning instructions are applied according to the corresponding instructions of the National Public Health Organization


  • Breakfast is served to our guests in the form of A la Carte (Set Menu) that is offered while staying at the restaurant room or using the Room Service, in which we set new procedures in ordering, delivery and receipt of the serving tray in their room, in order to facilitate them without an additional charge.
  • We have reduced the capacity of our restaurants by 1/3, shaping the spaces so that the new required distances are kept.
  • Retention of HACCP and receipt of goods by staff using E.C.D.C.
  • The distances between kitchen workers are observed according to the requirements of the health authorities, as in force.
  • When consuming drinks in bars, only packaged individual accompaniments are provided.
  • All food hygiene rules are applied during their transfer inside the hotel.
  • To avoid any health issues from goods and/or services from third parties consumed inside the hotel, we do not allow external food delivery services (delivery) from 06:00-23:00.


  • The driver ensures the natural ventilation of the vehicle
  • Provision of antiseptic by the driver
  • The use of a protective face mask, both by the passengers and by the driver, is mandatory
  • It is allowed to carry two (2) passengers, in addition to the driver. Exceptions to the passenger limit are exceptionally permitted, provided that only parents with their minor children are in the vehicle in addition to the driver.

Thank you,
From the Hotel Directorate